Silvery-Gold Editorial Inspired Look

Hey guys! I was contemplating about different looks that I can do and I decided that I was going to do a few editorial looks. Most of the looks that I will be doing in future blog posts will be Spring inspired looks. Anyway, I saw this editorial picture while googling editorial makeup looks, and I came up with my own interpretation. This look will look great on blue and/or gray eyes. This look is very similar to the pic, but I adjusted it to be more wearable and to blend in with my skin tone.Image

Here are the products I used:

Sugarpill Goldilux eyeshadow pigment on lid

Silver pigment (You can use any light silver pigment or eyeshadow)

Frosty white pigment from Facefront Cosmetics (forgot the name of it)

Facefront Cosmetics Azulian Artistic Pigment applied under eyes

I did a winged eyeliner and left the lower lashline clean, just applied a white eye pencil to water line and sparingly on the lower lash line.

I used the white eyeshadow pigment in the inner corner of my eyes.

I used scotch tape to give me the clean, sharp line for the eyeshadow look.

I applied an Iman orange lipstick to my lips and MAC dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick.

I combined a few different shades of orange eyeshadow and used it as my blush color.

Ok, that’s it! Please look out for future editorial inspired looks by me, LeeLee 🙂

Have an awesome day!!!


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