Purple Sunrise Eyeshadow Look


I did this eyeshadow look a couple of days ago and decided to post it. It’s another spring inspired look that will look great on all eye colors. These looks are great for people with bigger eyes (like myself!) because you’ll have enough lid and crease space to create dimension and transition. Here are the products I used:

NARS California eyeshadow on lids

Deep Purple eyeshadow from the Sleek Bad Girl Palette (Use any dark purple you own!) in my crease

MAC Stars n’ Rockets eyeshadow as my transition color above my crease

Cream colored eyeshadow as my brow highlight

Sephora teal eyeliner on my lower lash line and my water line

I did a winged out eyeliner for this look and used a pink blush on my cheeks.

Feel free to re-create this look to ur liking or just take a chance with bold, vibrant colors on ur eyes….you won’t regret it!


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