Real Techniques Brushes Review!


I recently purchased some Real Techniques brushes a couple of weeks ago, and I am pretty satisfied with my order. I purchased the Core Collection brushes, which consist of a detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, a buffing brush and a contour brush. If you’re not familiar with Real Techniques brushes, let me give you a little background: Real Techniques is a brand that was started by Samantha Chapman, a UK makeup artist, who has a Youtube channel with her sister (Pixiwoo, if you’re interested in seeing their work). Anyway, she came out with her own line of synthetic brushes and she uses them a lot in her videos. Being that I watch their videos a lot, I decided to order a brush from her collection. I was assuming her brushes will be super expensive (especially since I wasn’t sure if they were sold in the US). To my surprise, I visited the Real Techniques website and found out the brushes were affordable and they had US shipping! Yay!! The core collection was only $18! I was so happy that I would be receiving 4 brushes for under $20, that’s crazy to me! After receiving my brushes in the mail, I was super excited to test them out. I AM IN LOVE with the buffing brush! (so in love!). The buffing brush can be used to apply cream foundation (what I normally wear), liquid foundation and powder foundation. It blends into the skin effortlessly and the bristles are very soft (won’t irritate the skin). Overall, I give the buffing brush 5 plus stars! Definitely was a great purchase. My next favorite brush from the core collection is the contour brush. You can use it to apply bronzer, blush and concealer if you’d like. It’s a great contouring brush because it’s small and can get into your cheek bone area without any difficulties. I give the contour brush 5 plus stars too…..On the other hand, I definitely did not fall in love with the foundation brush or the detailer brush at first glance. I automatically thought that they served no use cuz they were too damn small! How was I supposed to use that small ass foundation brush on my face? It will literally take me almost an hour to finish applying my foundation if I were to use that brush. It took me awhile to realize that I can just use this brush for other purposes, such as applying concealer under my eyes (it’s shape perfectly for the under eye region). So, instead of tossing this brush into the garbage, I saved it as a backup concealer brush, yay for me! Overall, I give the foundation brush a big, fat zero for the purpose of it being a foundation brush, BUT, as a multi-purpose brush, I give it a 3.5. Lastly, the detailer brush was my biggest disappointment at first glance. I had no clue what to use that brush for because it was so freakin small, like I said before. After experimenting with it, however, I realized it was perfect for applying cream and gel liners and you can also use it as a brow and lip liner. In addition, you can use it to conceal little imperfections you have on your face, and some people use it to apply eyeshadow  (it’s definitely not a brush I would personally use to apply eyeshadow cuz I have big eyes). With that said, I give the detailer brush 3 stars.

Do I think you should buy the Core Collection brushes from Real Techniques? Yes. Even tho I mainly use 2 out of the 4 brushes, I still think it’s worth the purchase. First of all, it’s highly affordable (under $20 for pretty decent face brushes, hell yea I’ll buy it) and these brushes are super soft and don’t shed. The buffing brush really is the best thing from this collection, but I don’t know if they sell this brush separately (that sucks). Anyway, please let me know your personal experiences with Real Techniques brushes…I really wanna hear your feedback! If you’re looking for some face brushes, I give them 2 thumbs up! Thanks for reading!


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