Canary Yellow-Blue Seawave Eyeshadow

Hi, guys! Today, I was in a colorful mood (even tho the weather was crappy outside), so I did this eyeshadow look with bright colors. Most of the eyeshadows used were from the Sleek Curacao eyeshadow palette. I ABSOLUTELY love the Sleek eyeshadow palettes!! The eyeshadow colors are very unique and have some similarities to the MAC eyeshadows. The major difference between Sleek makeup and MAC is that Sleek is way more affordable! You can purchase these Sleek palettes on Ebay (they are only sold in the UK from what I know), or you can go to their website and purchase them. I bought five of their eyeshadow palettes and I use them quite often. The colors are richly-pigmented and very smooth in texture (you gotta see for yourself!).

Anyway, I did this eyeshadow look with 3 colors from the Curacao palette: I used the yellow, light green and black eyeshadows. I applied the yellow eyeshadow all over my lid. I applied the MAC eyeshadow, Deep Truth (love this blue, so pretty!) to my crease with a crease brush from ELF cosmetics. I gently swept this color in an upward motion when I reached the outer portion of my crease. I wanted to do a wave-like motion, instead of following the natural shape of my crease. I applied the black eyeshadow on the outer portion of my crease, to deepen the color a bit and to add more depth. On top of my crease, I used the light green color, then, my brow high light color (use any eyeshadow that is about 2 shades lighter than your skin tone as ur highlight). Lastly, I used MAC’s  fluidline in Blacktrack to do a cat eye look for my liner. I made my liner a little thicker toward the outer corner of my lashline, and thinner toward the inner corner of my eyes. I used a blue eyeliner in my waterline (probably can’t see it too well in the pics) to give the look a tad bit more color (I love color!). Anyway, I hope this look with inspire y’all to take a chance and play with color on ur eyes. This will be a great look for Spring, so don’t be afraid…be daring! Please comment below if you have any suggestions for other looks you’ll like me to try. Thanks!


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