Celebrity OMG Looks at the Oscars 2012: Which celebrity look was ur favorite?


I didn’t watch the entire Oscar’s award show because I find it to be pretty boring (sorry, it’s true!). However, I was curious to see which celebrity looks stood out the most for me. I am hoping to re-create a celebrity look that a lot of other viewers found to be pretty, damn hot : -) So far, I’ve noticed a few celebrities rockin’ the classic red carpet look, which are neutral eyeshadow colors on the lid with a dark color on the outer lid (neutral smoky eye look). Also, bold, red lips complete the classic red carpet look. However, I saw a little bit of a revamped red carpet look with Angelina Jolie, where she wore a red-tangerine colored lipstick and a soft, orange-brown eyeshadow on her eyes. I saw a couple of other celebrities with that same look too, but Angelina looked the best! (in my opinion)

If you would like to see me re-create Angelina Jolie’s Oscar 2012 look, please leave a comment below or like this post! Also, please let me know what other celebrity looks you thought were flawlessly beautiful and I’ll do a video sooner or later for it. Thanks a lot!! 🙂



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