Angelina Jolie Inspired Makeup from the Oscars 2012

I decided to do a celebrity-inspired look from the Oscars 2012 award show. I really liked Angelina Jolie’s makeup (her makeup always looks flawless!). Angelina’s makeup artist did a red carpet look with a little twist to it. It looks like Angelina has gold, orange and soft brown colors on her eyelid. She didn’t use much liner and she kept her water line clean ( according to the pics I saw). It’s hard to tell the exact eyeshadows she used on her eyes, but I used what I had and came up with this look.


I applied MAC’S Honesty eyeshadow, which is a champagne, shimmery color, in the inner one-third of my lid with a flat shading brush.  Next, I took a soft tangerine colored eyeshadow from the ELF eyeshadow palette and mixed it with a gold colored eyeshadow from MAC, called Mystique, and applied in to the center of my lids. For the outer corner of my eyes, I used a matte brown eyeshadow from Nars, called Coconut Grove. I didn’t apply this color too heavily, because Nars’ eyeshadows are super pigmented (love them!). Also, Angelina didn’t have too much dark eyeshadow on, so I was trying to keep the look very subtle and as close to her look as possible. I used a soft brownish-gray color in my crease to create the perfect transition to my brow highlight color. Then, I applied a creamy, white eyeshadow as my brow highlight. Lastly, I took the Coconut Grove matte brown eyeshadow and ran it half-way on mylower lash line. I used the champagne color I started with and applied it to the inner half of my lower lash line. I used a brown liquid liner from ELF cosmetics to line my upper lash line. According to the pic of Angelina at the Oscars, it looks like she added a pair of end lashes to her look, so you can also apply false eyelashes to complete the look (I didn’t put on any falsies). 

On my lips, I wore a red lipstick from NYX that was darker than what Angelina wore (I used what I have, no need to buy more cosmetics to get a look). Then, I applied a tangerine/orange lipstick from Iman cosmetics on the center of my lips. I blended both lipstick colors together and created the Tangerine red lips Angelina rocked on the red carpet! If you have any questions about this look, please comment below! Thanks 🙂


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