A Wearable Blue Eyeshadow Look!

So, today I was in the mood to do a blue eyeshadow look (I love blue on my eyes!) and I came up with something that was very blue, purple and dramatic. Anyway, here’s the look I did on my eyes today….
I used mainly pigments for this look. I used a frosty white pigment from Facefront Cosmetics, a light blue pigment from Facefront Cosmetics, and a royal blue color from Facefront Cosmetics as well. I used a dark purple eyeshadow from Sleek makeup in my crease and kept building on each color to get a greater intensity. Above the purple eyeshadow in my crease, I used MAC’s eyeshadow called Stars n’ Rockets as a transition color from the purple to the white brow highlight color. I used a black eyeliner to rim my waterline and lower lash line and used some black liquid liner. Another alternative to this look would be to use a bright color in ur waterline for the blue eyeshadow to pop, maybe a pink or bright green color (that’s for those of u who are daring with ur makeup looks). I didn’t add any false eyelashes, but if that’s ur thing, go ahead and put some falsies on!! I hope my eyeshadow look gives you guys some great ideas. Thanks for reading!

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